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Honeymoon Venues


Choosing a wedding venue to suit your theme and budget can be a difficult task. Many hotels offer a choice of venues from ballrooms & lapas to beautiful garden settings. Not all hotels offer the same services so it is important to check, if you have any special requirements. Remember your choice of venue will set the tone for the day up front.


Traditionally a wedding cake is a rich fruit cake with thick icing. Itís either square or round and comes in two or three tiers. However there is nothing stopping you from having a different shape or a rich chocolate or gooey sponge cake if that is what you would prefer.

Beverages And Bar Services

Your bar can be one of your biggest expenses so choose your wines yourself and try everything well before the wedding. If you want a branded product choose carefully and remember to order lighter middle of the road wines suited to all palates.


Sharing food with friends and family is always a cause for celebration. A good rule is to keep the food you choose light and easy. Rich sauces and meals with complicated ingredients may not always be ideal when you want to get everyone on the dancefloor.


Using a co-ordinator or wedding planner allows you to deal with a single contact not several suppliers.
They can provide as much or a little support as you need, in an affordable or even, in some cases, a free package.

Decor And Hiring

Items that can be hired range from cutlery and crockery through to candles, ring cushions, plants, fountains, arches, lights etc. It could pay you to appoint a member of the family to ensure that everything is counted and returned.


It often makes sense to find out if another wedding service is taking place on the same day as yours as you might want to discuss the possibility of sharing flowers. Flower arrangements are very much determined by the venue and the kind of reception you are having. Choosing flowers that are in season are normally less expensive.

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