Hints And Tips

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Who Does What


The arrangements with the church, minister and organist. The wedding car and transport for him and the bride to the reception. The best man's suit. Suits should compliment each other and the wedding gown. It is not expected..................

A Guideline on Who Pays for What


Invitation Cards - the bride and the bride's mother address and mail the cards.
All catering excluding the beverages.
Wedding cake.

Best Time For Photos

Drat. The honeymoon's over, you get your wedding shots back and you look, erm, a bit pale. What's more, the background is completely dark. No sign of the beautiful garden you were photographed in. And you have red eyes..........

Hints on Choosing Your Wedding Gown

You have to bear in mind the type of wedding that you will be having because that will largely determine the type of dress that you will want to wear......


Speeches are an important part of every wedding. They should be brief, sincere and to the point. Have the speeches between the starter and the main course. Guests who aren't starving and have a drink in the hand make the most receptive audience. Personal tidbits about.......

The Final Countdown

The last two weeks need particularly careful attention

Wedding Planner

A step by step guide on everything you need to know on how to plan your wedding.


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