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The Brides Father Pays For...

Invitation Cards - the bride and the bride's mother address and mail the cards.

The venue.

All catering excluding the beverages.

Wedding cake.

Any additional staff employed at the reception, i.e. barman and waiters.

Photographer and Videographer.

Flower arrangements for the church and the reception.

The bride's outfit; dress, shoes, tiara, etc.

In some circumstance accommodation for the Bride's Attendants.

Fees to traffic officers if needed.

The Bride Pays For....

A gift to the bridegroom.

The bridegroom's wedding ring.

Gifts to people who assist in the organizing.

Her own medical checkup and blood tests.

The Bridegroom Pays For....

The bride's bouquet and bouquets for the bride's attendants.

Corsages for the bride and groom's respective mother's, and buttonholes for the bridegroom, bestman and the two fathers.

The church (the minister, the organist and the hiring of the church).

Gloves and ties for the men.

Hiring of wedding car.

His own wedding outfit.

Gifts for the Bride's Attendants (the bride chooses).

Engagement and wedding rings for the bride.

Honeymoon (cost can be divided with bride if so agreed).

Gift for the bride (according to tradition it is usually a delicate piece of jewelry, i.e. A gold watch or gold chain).

The bridegroom has to send a telegram to the parents of the bride a day after the wedding

The Bridegroom's Parents Pay For

Beverages at the reception.

Own accommodation if needed.

A celebratory meal before the wedding.


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