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The Bridegroom

The arrangements with the church, minister and organist.

The wedding car and transport for him and the bride to the reception.

The best man's suit. Suits should compliment each other and the wedding gown. It is not expected of the bridegroom to pay for the best man's suit.

Alcohol and other beverages at the reception.

The honeymoon and hotel reservations.

The appointment with a lawyer for the pre-nuptial agreement.

He has to send a bouquet of flowers to the bride where she is getting dressed the day of the wedding.

The Bride

Chooses the bridal attendants and what they should wear.

Discusses with them whether the dresses should be hired or bought and who is accountable for the cost.

Arranges for her own bouquet, the bouquets of her attendants and the shoulder arrangements for the mothers.

Buys the bridegroom's wedding ring.

Works out the guest list with her mother.

Chooses the flowers for the church and reception.

Chooses the colour scheme for the wedding.

Writes/orders the thank you notes.

The Best man

Assists the bridegroom with the arrangements


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