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A wedding video will provide a wonderful lasting memento of your wedding day. A good videographer will capture many incidents that you would otherwise miss while speaking to people, having your photographs taken etc. It will provide you with a vivid record of all your guests, the venue, the speeches and even the ceremony itself.

Marriage Officiators

You do not have to get married in a church or formal place of worship. A growing number of couples make use of interdenominational ministers who are legally qualified to marry you.


Music gives your wedding its special and unforgettable atmosphere. By including your favourite pieces you will personalise the ceremony, set the style and mood, add dignity to your vows and create a memorable day for everyone involved. If all or part of your ceremony is taking place outside ensure that there is good amplification.

Marquee Hiring


Legal And Finances

You have a number of options under our law and it is very important that you understand the choices that you face and how they will effect you.


You only have one shot at capturing all the special moments on your wedding day so make sure that you choose a photographer that you can trust. Remember to book ahead, ask for references, shop around and compare value. It is worth paying a little more for somebody special but a higher price does not necessarily mean a better photographer. Be clear about what you want and what you expect.


Your wedding stationery is an essential part of your special day. The design you choose will set the tone and all the different pieces need to work together to make sure your celebration is memorable and magical.


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