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2 Weeks Before The Wedding

1. PHONE the guests that haven't RSVP'd

2. CONFIRM the final head count with the caterer

3. ARRANGE the order of the speeches and phone the people involved to confirm

1 Week Before The Wedding

1. DOUBLE check that the dress fits perfectly

2. MAKE sure that all the members of the bridal party know what is expected of them

3. CONFIRM appointments (hair/make-up) and the car etc.

4. PACK for the honeymoon

5. WRAP the gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen

6. CONFIRM travel arrangements

2 Days Before The Wedding

1. REHEARSE the ceremony

2. ARRANGE with someone to pick up your gifts at the reception

1 Day Before The Wedding...

1. RECONFIRM the transport

2. TRY and get to bed as early as possible



2. TAKE a hot long bath

3. EAT something, even if you just carry an apple or two with you.



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